Training Programme Report


1 - objectives is clearly defined and achieved

2 - topics covered is relevant to my job

3 - materials are systematic, adequate and easy to understand

4 - duration for the course is just right

5 - is value for money and worth my time spent

6 - meets my training needs and see myself performing better


1 - is well-prepared, knowledgeable and confident

2 - is able to relate programme to actual work situation

3 - is able to stimulate interests and participation

4 - demonstrates how i can apply what i have learnt

5 - provides opportunity to practice during the programme

6 - provides opportunity to clarify my doubts


1 - adequate and satisfactory Tea Breaks and Lunch

2 - conducive training room - Air-conditioning, Sound-Proof, etc.

3 - adequate instruments - Whiteboard Pens, Flip Charts, etc.

4 - adequate equipments - LCD Projectors, WhiteBoard, etc.

5 - comfortable training room size and discussion area

6 - effective training room layout

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