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SMI Asia Australia provides Successful Training and Development providing 25 Training Series and 5 International Training Brands dedicated to Workplace Learning and Performance Professional in Bangladesh, Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and United Emirates.

Started in 1996, in recent years SMI Asia Australia has widened the Professional’s Focus to TRAINING for RESULTS by linking Learning and Performance to Individual and Organisational Results. The Training for Result Methodology Starts with RESULTS, IMPLEMENTATION and RETURN ON TRAINING INVESTMENT.

Why SMI Asia?

We Benchmark World Class Competencies to implement Department Strategy and achieve Measurable Training Results!

We Track and Motivate Professionals in Pro-Active Competencies to Maximise Training Performance!

We focus Training Programmes on Learner Competency Gaps with Customised Outline, Skill Development Strategies and Action Plan

We apply Adult-Learning Strategies to Motivate Learners with Practical Work Situations through Experiential Learning and develop Self-Learning Responsibility

We focus on Post-Training Implementation with Training Report Card© tos provide Credible Evidence for Training Investment Returns!

We Guarantee Learners by allowing ‘Repeated Attendance’ with different Learning Facilitator for FREE until they are satisfied!

We provide Training After Sales Service where Learners can attend Three Repeated Training in Five Years for refresher and training updates (same Training Programme)

We increase your Training Budget by 50% with our Loyal Client Programme (Send 100 Learners and get 50 Seats FREE)

Our Top Fortune 500 Clients

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